Friday, October 16, 2009


Sometimes we overheard consumers complaint about ineffective ‘effective microorganism (EM1)’ solution. There are a few tips I would love to share with you on how you can determine the quality of EM1 that you just bought.

1: Pickled smell, sweet and sour
Firstly, go with olfactory test. They smell like pickled fruits/vegetables with a little bit of sweet and sour. Not sour and pungent or bold and stink. Foliar fertilizers can have different smell e.g. pungent, stink depending on materials used. But for EM1, a good batch of bacterial solution always smells pleasant.
2: pH below 3.7
Some vendors provides pH paper for testing. But without proper protection for the pH paper, they give error reading due to moisture absorption in long period of time. You need a pH meter pen probes for alternative. Good EM1 and EMAS shows pH reading below 3.7. For pH 4.0 that is considered deactivated. Optimum pH is 3.5.
3: Relative density
Weight 1 liter of EM1 solution you just bought. For instance it weight 1.1kg for 1 liter of EM1, its means the relative density is 1.1kg/L. Keep a record of EM1 that you buy.
Different materials have different density. Water density = 1kg/L, molasses = 1.5kg/L. So if the vendor had diluted your EM1 with 20%-40% of water earlier, you might notice the density is different with normal range.

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